UPS Advantage

It is common that inappropriate market mediation (from Sales and distribution intermediaries) in Piping Industry, instead of adding value to supply chain are becoming source of Increased Costs and delayed deliveries. 
On other hand, most of the producers are not prepared to deal directly with the end users/contractors due to their odd quantities requirements, documentation and stringent project specifications which  creates bottlenecks to the production line. Such requirements are not feasible for the manufacturers to comply most of the times. 
We at UPS are bringing complete transparency to the Piping Value Chain by helping the customer and the manufacturer work seamlessly and in the process UPS will either eliminate or absorb the factors that creates impediments to manufacturers’production processes.
How UPS will achieve this?
The backbone and the core strength of UPS is its team of highly experienced professionals who have been working over past four decadesfor some of the world’s biggest organizations in Energy Sector. This has equipped UPS with the understandings of the best practices of the Industries on one hand and, on other hand, has given us the confidence to deliver as per any given stringent requirements.
Our experts know their market segment inside out. They remain abreast with the newest developments taking place in Piping Materials,Manufacturing processes, new Piping products, quality control, administration, coordination and logistics. Simultaneously, they have organized themselves to the demands of future developments and concepts In order to constantly add value to the supply chain and stay as the preferred choice of customers and manufacturers.
On a macro level, we understand the various aspects of Client Requirement and At concentrated micro level, we work with selected and approved Manufacturers of significance to the client. We work closely with our clients to comprehend their specific requirements clearly, liaison with various stages in talking the language of the customer to the Manufacturer, thereby keeping the commitment and providing best Piping Solutions right from beginning till the End of the project.
We at UPS are experts in the sourcing and supplying of materials to meet the individual requirements of a project, regardless of size, scopeor difficulty. We are aware of the importance of on-time delivery and the pressures of meeting fabrication schedules, and also the importance of accurate and up-to-date reporting.
Value for Money

We believe in providing our customers a real value for their money. Hence, we work on a transparent open book process where in, each stake holder viz. the Customer and the manufacturer knows the real status of every activity at all times - be it pricing...