Inspection and Testing

UPS has established a system which ensures the final product is in line with the customer requirements. All the stages affecting the product quality has been fully monitored & controlled by equipped competent personnel. With our collaboration with qualified laboratories we can perform any of the followinq Inspections and tests on our supplied material:
Mechanical testings such as
Tensile Test
Bending, Flattening, Elongation Test
Hardness Test
Charpy V Notch Impact Test
Chemical analysis of product
Metallographic Examination
Destructive testings for corrosion resitivity check
Huey, Strauss, Pitting, Crevice HIC, SSC, SWC etc.
Non destructive examinations
X-Ray, Fluorscopy
Ultrasonic Examination
Magnetic Particle Examination
Dye Penetrant Testing
Final Visual and Dimensional Examination